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A leader in wireless, Ethernet, and fiber communication solutions, Monaco Enterprises offers a wide array of FIRE and SECURITY products to monitor and detect problems so you can align your response properly. Emergency response personnel have relied on Monaco Enterprises for over 48 years. Our factory engineers, technicians, and support staff are eager to assist you with your mission critical needs!

Monaco products and services are used worldwide in various ways to support the critical missions of Fire & Emergency Services personnel.  We are happy to help protect those who defend America.

Over the years, our product offering has evolved tremendously to cater to more than one entity involved in real-time incidents.  We are proud to be in a position to support Emergency Management personnel with multiple phases of their operation.

Law Enforcement has become increasingly integrated with other response personnel for a more robust response.  Monaco enjoys working with Law Enforcement personnel to integrate solutions to arm them with more incident information.

Real-time Common Operating Picture solutions using Monaco’s D-21 Emergency Management system provides users with the ability to align resources properly and quickly. This increases the efficiency in the overall response and provides incident commanders, stakeholders, and responders with crucial incident information using many different technology mediums.

Available Worldwide

Monaco Enterprises has delivered its robust products and performed services worldwide since 1971. As a premier provider of Fire, Security, and Emergency Management solutions, Monaco is prepared to answer the call where our proven experience is needed. Please reach out to us today to discuss your upcoming project and see how Monaco can help reach success as a team!


We work in partnership with major technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our customers.



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