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Monaco offers both Government and Contractor training opportunities in Spokane and on-site at customer locations.

Monaco Training

General Information

This is your opportunity to learn about fire alarm systems from the ground up! These classes cover equipment designed and manufactured by Monaco and other equipment representative of various types used in the industry. The approach is to the total system… from detection to dispatch, from design to maintenance. 

The codes and standards which apply to design and acceptance, equipment performance and scheduled maintenance are referenced in the instruction of each subject. Installation, operation and maintenance do’s and don’ts are identified by people who have been there. Attendees get to apply the information through exercises and hands-on lab sessions. 

Several instructors are involved each week and are available throughout the week to answer questions. Instructors are selected for teaching assignments based on their expertise and experience. The team teaching concept provides the greatest depth of information. 

A student who meets daily class attendance requirements and passes a final test with a 80% or better grades will receive a confirmation of completion that is valid for two years from the date of completion. 
 Monaco Enterprises regularly conducts training classes at customer locations throughout the world. Any of the classes offered in 

 the Spokane area may be presented at a customer location. On-site training classes have several advantages:

  • Up to ten individuals can be trained in a single class
  • Reduction in travel costs when several individuals from one location have a training requirement
  • Field work on-site can identify and correct installations not in conformity with Monaco’s specifications
  • Questions regarding a specific site’s applications can be raised and answered by technical experts

If you are interested in our on-site training opportunities, contact Monaco’s Customer Service Department for a quotation!

Training Classes Brochure

You can download the 2019 Training Class Brochure, or request your copy by email or phone or write for your copy. 
Phone: (509) 926-6277. Press 0 for the operator and ask for the Training Department Coordinator.
Or write:
     ATTN: Training Class Coordinator, Monaco Enterprises, Inc. 
     P.O. Box 14129, Spokane, WA 99214-0129. 

Training Contact Information
Monaco offers a number of different training classes for Government personnel in Spokane and on-site at a customer’s location. Training may be customized to meet customer requirements.
For General Questions

Contact the Training Department:
Phone (509) 926-6277; press 0 for the Operator and ask for the Training Department.

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Contact Training:




    14820 East Sprague Avenue Spokane, Washington 99216-2191


    (509) 926-6277